What is Rayne Cloud?

Rayne Cloud is an online CE program with many different modules bringing you information on nutrition, on compliance, on the Human/Animal bond, tips for talking to owners, new advances in veterinary medicine….and so much more.

Rayne Cloud is a collaboration of experts, bringing you information from veterinarians, specialists, technicians, hospital managers, etc.

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Why create online CE?

Above all else, Rayne is passionate about caring for dogs and cats, about the role nutrition plays in helping pets reach their optimal health, and about being part of the medical management of diseases. We believe in working with the experts in animal care, the veterinary team, to help owners take the best care of their pet, possible.

Rayne is a totally veterinary dedicated company. We ONLY make veterinary diets. We aren’t owned by a big company that makes other diets, or other products, in other channels. We are totally independent. This means we aren’t huge, but we ARE dedicated to you and to helping you care for your patients. We are listening to what veterinary team members NEED to take care of their tricky patients, to work with their engaged, dedicated clients, and to help dogs and cats be healthy and happy.